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Celebrating 15 years of creating Partnerships between

Happy Home Owners and Satisfied Tenants.


We didn’t do it alone! It takes a team to build what we have.


























What our Property Investors, Tenants & Contractors are saying about us




Our property Investors are the best. We are very selective of what type of home we take on as well as who we work with. Our property owners take pride in their homes and respect the tenants. Many of the property owners, I have never met or only met once in person, yet we have established a fun working relationship via phone and internet and have become a family.











We had our dream home built in rural Beaver Mines area in 2017. Due to a family situation, we needed to make the move all the way to New Zealand in 2019 so organized a tenant on our own with a 2-year lease in which we felt that our beautiful home and land would be well cared for during this time. We were distraught when, after only 2 months, we heard from this tenant that things weren’t working out. Scrambling for new tenants from the other side of the ocean was massively stressful. We found some with help from family but soon started having some hiccups with them. That’s when we contacted Loreena with Crowsnest Pass Property Management - what a relief! Loreena took the time to fully understand our situation and learn exactly what is needed. We have now been working with Loreena for almost a year and we honestly couldn’t be happier with her and her services. She is honest, reliable, dependable, treats your home like it’s her own, and knows how to find trustworthy tenants who will do the same. Being literally on the other side of the world from your home and land is hard but with Loreena, she truly makes it stress free. She will be in touch with you as needed and will typically (unless she needs your input) update you on any hiccups or difficulties once they are resolved as not to cause any unnecessary stress - which, to me, is invaluable. Thank you, Loreena, for your ongoing, ever-lasting work and heart in this. We are able to continue life here in NZ knowing that all is taken care of back home.
Janine and Rod,  New Zealand


Loreena, It is my pleasure to provide this letter of reference. Over the 10 years you have been the property manager, you have looked after the property as if it was your own.  You have ensured that is has continuously rented.  Any problems that have arisen you have taken immediate action to rectify the issues.  Your communications are pleasant, informative and reassuring that all is well. Your efforts to keep costs down are greatly appreciated. I highly recommend you to anyone looking for a caring professional such as yourself.

Sabrina, Arizona, USA

We would really like to thank Loreena at CNP-PM for helping to manage a condo in Coleman for the past several years. We wouldn't have been able to do it without her. She took care of all those mundane tasks that would be impossible from afar like finding a good tenant, managing rent payments and deposits and repairs. It was a terrific experience.

David and Dawn, Foster City, California 

Loreena Russomanno (CNP Property Management) has been managing my CNP property since 2011.  It is such a relief to have someone I can trust to make sure my property is taken care of, and my tenants are happy!  I recommend Loreena and CNP Property Management's services.
Lori, Edmonton, AB

I am writing to this testimonial to share the amazing experience I have had working with Loreena Russomanno over the past 10 years. She manages 3 properties for me and has consistently achieved exemplary results. There are three main characteristics that I believe have led to Loreena's outstanding success.


  1. She is very engaged with the tenants of the property. She gets to know everyone on a personal level which means she's well aware if tenants are moving out, having problems with the property and generally leads to a more invested tenant who ultimately treat the property better because they don't want to cause problems for Loreena.

  2. Robust network of trades and services. Immediately when there are problems in the property Loreena has multiple options to solve a problem along with reasonably priced quotes from qualified contractors when required. I've always felt that her network of contractors always provides Loreena with fair prices and expert service because again Loreena has developed strong personal relationships.

  3. Loreena is highly proactive. Every time a tenant is moving out of a property Loreena has typically pre-leased the property to a new tenant sometimes a month or two in advance of expiry. Vacancy in a rental property is the single largest contributor to low returns and with Loreena that risk is mitigated. Of my three properties being managed over the past 10 years I can maybe think of one month in one property where I've had any vacancy. Amazing results!

Anyway I would highly recommend Loreena for the reasons mentioned above to anyone interested in property management services. In addition to all the great reasons listed above she is a wonderful person to deal with making the whole experience that much better.

Trevor , Calgary, AB, Canada

Since March 2018, Loreena Russomanno and Crowsnest Pass Property Management have been caring for our home in Coleman.

Loreena has proven to us she is an effective manager. She has selected appropriate tenants, has overseen home improvements on our behalf, and keeps us well informed about issues regarding our home.

We have been more than satisfied with the service we receive and appreciate the work she does for us.

We would highly recommend her.  Sincerely,

Dave and Sandra, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

In 2015 we purchased a duplex income property in the Crowsnest Pass as part of our retirement plan. Unfortunately, we struggled with keeping the units rented and had several issues with the existing tenants.  We reached out to Loreena in 2016 for assistance and she responded right away. Within days she had the one unit rented, which had been empty for a month. She also resolved the tenant issues we were having in the other unit, offering great advice and handling the transition. They have been managing the property for us ever since. We are very appreciative of the quality service and professionalism offered by Loreena and her team.

Drew, Calgary, AB

Loreena Russomanno and CNP PM have been my PM firm for approx. 10 years now and I’ve been very happy with their level of service, rates, response time, and occupancy rates. I hope to be with CNP PM for the next 25 years and beyond!

All the best,

Kevin. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

​As investors in the Pass, we knew we hit the jackpot 11 years ago when Crowsnest Pass Property Management agreed to take on our rentals. Over the years we have accumulated more investment properties and with Loreena managing them, they have been consistently occupied with great tenants.  She runs a tight ship and makes sure both renters and owners are being treated fairly. She deals with issues quickly and effectively and keeps things moving forward.  She stays on top of the market and adjusts the rents according to fair market value. We know our properties are in good hands and don’t have to give them a second thought. 

Thanks MOM You’re the best!

James, Josh, Daniel, Jena,  Toronto Ontario, Lethbridge, AB, Crowsnest Pass AB 

I have used Crowsnest Pass Property Management for a few years now. We have a 110+ year old house that we lovingly renovated and 90+ year old building that was gutted and restored into 3 suites. We care a pile about these buildings - they're much more than investment properties to us. The peace of mind having Crowsnest Pass Property Management looking after the rental of, and helping us manage maintenance has allowed us to sleep at night. I am very happy with the service provided by Crowsnest Pass Property Management!

Graham, Cochrane, AB

Loreena manages my 2 houses in Bellevue. First one she took on 8 years ago and second one 6 years ago. I am very  happy with service her company provides. She  screens tenants , checks references and if any kind of problems, or dispute comes to place, she resolves all to my satisfaction. About 3 years ago, we had difficult family moved in. No rent being  paid, lot of excuses, promises ....

Immediate eviction was served, kept damage deposit, Loreena made sure, that next tenant was in place for following month. No cash flow disruption, she sends payment on every single month. Before I tried to run these houses by my self, but let me tell you people, It  was just too difficult to find people, deal with NSF cheques, cleaning after people and so on. Loreenas company is worth every penny she is charging. She very well known and highly respected at Crowsnest pass and Southern Alberta. If you are looking for property to rent, or you have one to be rented, she is the one to call.

Lee , Calgary, AB

​ Loreena:

Just for the record. Please accept our sincere appreciation for the superior job that you do as our property manager.  Having spent 11 years managing my own rental units and having you step in to manage both the Fort Macleod properties and the Pass "units" after dealing with those other clowns that call themselves "property management companies" I can honestly say you are amazing! We are so grateful for the smooth transition during the recent sale in Fort Macleod and the continuing expert handling of our remaining portfolio.  If you ever need a reference. have them to call us, presently here in Ecuador...knowing our properties are in excellent hands back in Canada.

Muchisimo gracias

Terry and Sue Casa de Mulas, Cotacachi Ecuador

Loreena is a perfect property manager. She is totally dependable both for finding good reliable tenants and for attending promptly to any issues that may arise with the property, making sure that repairs are done as needed and that the property is maintained in good condition. She is also a very pleasant person to deal with! I have been very happy to have met her and I hope to keep her a long time as my property manager.

Monique, Calgary, AB

Loreena has been expertly managing my Crowsnest Pass rental for approximately a decade. During that time, not only has it never been vacant, she has consistently found excellent and long term tenants through her rigorous screening process. On those rare occasions that an issue arises, she resolves it with alacrity and efficiency. We are very fortunate to have her managing our property and would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for assistance.

Geoff, Calgary, AB


​I am currently using Crowsnest Pass Property Management owner Loreena Russomanno to look after my property in Blairmore. It has been a stress off of me because I live in Okotoks. It has been about a year that she has watched over the rental, and has done a great job also in screening respectful people to rent the property.

Clint, Okotoks, AB

Managing three properties on my own turned out to be far more time consuming and challenging than I would ever have guessed. 

Finding someone who could step in to manage my properties for me turned out to be far more difficult than I would ever have guessed.

In spite of good hearts and solid efforts, neither I nor the friends and family members who tried were able to get it right.

In desperation, I approached Loreena Russomanno of Crowsnest Property Management, which, as it has turned out, was the best property-related decision I have ever made.  In the approximate five years since Loreena took over, she has consistently demonstrated remarkably high levels of overall competence, honesty, reliability, and professionalism.  My homes are consistently occupied by solid tenants; financial affairs are always in order; maintenance matters are handled efficiently and effectively.  I am deeply appreciative of her service and the peace of mind it has afforded me.  Thank you, Loreena!

Irene, Lethbridge, AB Canada

Me and my wife have been working with Crowsnest Pass Property Mgmt for a couple of months now. We  are very happy that Loreena is managing our property with her manager Kim. 

What we like about the firm:

Excellent knowledge about the area.

A good network of support contractors, Electrician, plumbers and handymen who can get work done in the property.

Excellent communication. Emails are responded very quickly which helps getting things done efficiently.

A clear no nonsense approach.

A clear commitment to quality and providing customer satisfaction. Both to the tenants and the property owners.

We wish Loreena and Kim good luck and are looking forward to a profitable long term relationship.

Makarand and Manjusha, Guelph, Ontario

Working with Loreena was an absolute pleasure. Being fairly new to the rental business, I was consistently impressed by her knowledge, wisdom and experience. She always made sure rent was coming in, that there were responsible tenants, and that everything was working properly. I can't recommend her highly enough! It seems to me, that as a renter or someone trying to rent a property, crows nest pass property management is the way to go :-)

Marc, Calgary, AB

Loreena has been managing our rental property in the Crowsnest Pass since 2011. She is THE best there is. Her experience in the Pass ensure our complete peace of mind knowing our property and tenants are well looked after. Through the years she has always kept our two units rented out. She is very good at being on top of anything that needs attention as well as keeping us informed.

Marie, Calgary AB 

Loreena Russomanno (CNP Property Management) has been managing our property for close to seven years now. After trying to manage it ourselves for a few years, choosing to have CNP Property Management look after property has been the best decision for us. Loreena’s service has been excellent providing us with peace of mind knowing that our property is in good hands. We very much appreciate the tenant vetting process, timely resolution of maintenance issues, and effective communication as required with all parties. We highly recommend Crowsnest Passs Property Management to anyone looking to have their asset professionally managed. Sincerely,
Brent and Mary, Red Deer Alberta 

Prior to March, 2019, my wife and I had no experience renting a property.  Since we live in Lethbridge and our mobile home is in Coleman, we didn't feel that it was wise to go it on our own, so we contacted Loreena at Crowsnest Pass Property Management.  We noted that her company has been in business for over 10 years and that it had just received the Alberta Business Award of Distinction.  This is an exceptional honour given that the competition included numerous small businesses across the province.  If that wasn't good enough for a decision, meeting and discussing the rental with Loreena convinced us that we had found the right agent.  Loreena is extremely knowledgeable and very straightforward.  She lets you know up front what the issues are and has a friendly way of getting her point across when the difficult questions come up.  Not only did she find us a qualified tenant quickly, she eliminated one that we were initially satisfied with, likely saving us a lot of aggravation.  She vets prospective tenants carefully, ensuring that the match works for both sides.  Her diligence extends beyond the initial contract.  She and her staff conduct regular home checks to insure that our property is well maintained and, as she says, "No one can tell her properties are rentals as they look the same as neighbouring properties occupied by the owners". 


Perish the thought that we should be unfortunate enough to experience the "tenants from hell", but if we did I have no doubt that within a month the situation would have been rectified.  We don't only think this, we know this from testimonials from other satisfied customers.  


I'm sure that any potential renters will share our opinion, i.e, that they have moved into a dwelling that has been inspected, cleaned and ready to occupy.  As with any contract, if both sides are not satisfied with the arrangement, problems will surface.  That, along with the reasons provided above, is why we are so satisfied with Loreena's company.  Her no nonsense approach hidden behind a disarming smile, gave us the assurance that we had come to the right place.  We do not hesitate to recommend CNPPM to both owners and renters.   

Doug and Sharron, Lethbridge, AB

We have been dealing with Loreena and her team for over two years. They have been very helpful in listing the house and getting tenants. She is always helpful in finding local companies to do any repairs or replacements that was need in a speedy and cost effective manor.
Thanks for all you service.
Kind regards,

Kevin and Karen, Calgary, AB

I must say this....if we  knew you would make renting the house so stress free and payments so dependable...We would of done it a long time ago!!

Thanks ...

Merry Carol  and Vladimir, CNP, AB

We began using Crowsnest Pass Property Management in 2020 and are impressed with their professionalism, performance and their scrambling ability to get things done.  They went the extra distance to facilitate showings, arrange cleaning and even took the garbage can to the curb on pickup day. 

 Thank you,

  Mark, Fort St. John, BC

We recently decided to rent our getaway home in the Crowsnest Pass.  After much research and printing off all the required landlord documents (tenant application, tenant agreement, home inspection report, etc.), we began to realize the task of finding and screening for a suitable tenant was very daunting!  After going on the CNP-PM website and reading testimonials we decided to contact the CNP Property Management company.  Loreena and Kim were very professional and personable and within minutes of our meeting we decided to give them the task.  Within several days we were contacted and they had found a suitable renter for our home.  This quickly became a very stress free process.  Thank you and we are looking forward to our continued relationship..

 Allan and Monica, Lethbridge, AB

My wife and I along with our 2 kids have had a house in Coleman for 10+ years now. As the kids have gotten older we decided we should try and rent the place for a little extra cash. My wife saw Crowsnest Property Management and we thought we would give them a try. I met them at the house and they were very knowledgeable and felt the place would rent quick. Well they were right, in no time we had news of a renter. Things were good and then I received a call saying the renter had backed out but they now had a new renter lined up and they would be moving in even sooner. Crowsnest Property Management has looked after all the details and for someone new to the rental market they have made it very easy. I would definitely recommend Crowsnest Property Management to anyone who is looking at renting but doesn’t want the hassle of dealing with rent payment or repairs. 
Jason and Terri, Calgary, AB 

2019 Marketing Award od Distinction

This award belongs to all of the property owners in our portfolio that take pride in their properties

thus giving me something to be proud to market.

“This was one of the most competitive years ever, and while all our finalists are INCREDIBLE, without further ado, a HUGE congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Alberta Business Awards of Distinction”

-Alberta Chamber of Commerce

Team Encouragement
family  playing


We are equally selective of who we rent the properties too. Our tenants come with great references and understand the importance of, and take pride in caring for their homes. 









Our experience with Loreena was nothing less than an answered prayer.


My daughter Caitlin had relocated to the Crowsnest Pass/Elk Valley area for work.  I was frantic because even after two months of constant searching, we hadn't found permanent rental housing for Caitlin (due to the extreme shortage of housing available in the area). We needed help, so I reached out to Crowsnest Property Management. Little did I know how that call would change our lives!

I connected with Loreena, who eased my mind in that first call. In short order, she managed to find the perfect rental for Caitlin. To watch Loreena weave her magic is a beautiful thing. Caitlin loves her new home, and we love Loreena!

 Deb  from BC

"Crowsnest Pass Property Management, Loreena and staff helped me make a home in the Crowsnest Pass that was affordable and pet friendly. They care about their clients, understand their situations and help them out to the best of their abilities. They were quick to help me with any problem I had. If you are looking for a place to call home in the Crowsnest Pass, I recommend that you contact them so that they can help you as much as they helped me."

Samantha, came to us from  Calgary



Thank you again for all your help and support during our time in Pincher Creek. You really do run a very professional business and should be proud of what you have in place. We have lived all over the world and lived in many rental properties and it’s honest to say that in comparison, you “hands down”, provide a better service than all others that we have experienced. It’s a shame to leave the Pincher Creek area as we really enjoyed our time there (no matter how short).

 Good luck with your future ventures and I wish you all the best of successes! I’ll drop you an email in the future just to let you know where we end up!

 Take care and thanks again for everything!

Roy, came to us from United Kingdom

 I'd like to take this moment to thank Loreena for her amazing efforts in finding the perfect place for myself and my puppies at a time that I wasnt very hopeful due to the tight housing market and limited rentals in the Crowsnest Pass. 

She always reassured me that she would find the right home for myself and with her words of encouragement it allowed me to sleep well at night. 

I always had faith and she did end up finding the perfect rental for me and my pups and I'm forever grateful. 

Loreena and her team were amazing to work with and I would and I have recommended this property management to anyone looking in the area :) "

Caitlin came to us  from Edmonton, Alberta

​In the spring of 2016 I was suddenly "put out to pasture" from a ranch on the eastern slope north of here, and was scrambling around for a new place to hang my hat.

And then I found the perfect place here in the CNP. I could not believe my luck and signed-up within an hour. If you're gonna live in small town Alberta, I cannot imagine a better place than the CNP.

The management company (and the landlord who lives nearby) take obvious great pride in this place, and keep it in top notch shape. If anything needs a repair or fix or upgrade, it is looked after super-quickly by very upbeat and positive people.

I was disappointed to have to leave the ranch and its outdoorsy lifestyle, but right now I consider this home and these people in this town to be ... about as good as it gets. Two thumbs up. And I am glad that they asked for this reference.

Ron, Came to us  from  the eastern slope, AB Canada

I would like to say that Loreena was very pleasant to deal with while I was looking for a place to rent.  I rented from her " sight unseen" and it was exactly like the many photos she had sent me  It was everything she said it would be. And very clean.  I was in Ontario and she helped me set up the rental and advised me who to reach out to for utilities.  It was a pleasant experience for me and made my transition very easy.  Thanks Loreena

Brady, came to us from Barrie, Ontario

I am so grateful to Crowsnest Pass Property Management for finding me a rental in beautiful Coleman!

I moved here with my young family about 18 months ago from the big city.  Crowsnest Pass  Property  Management was fabulous at finding a perfect spot for us. Loreena and her staff are absolutely awesome!! And Passquatch made us feel right at home!

The crowsnest pass is a perfect spot for our family to grow. 

Thank you Crowsnest Pass Property  Management!!

Chell, came to us from Calagary, AB

​Thank you to Crowsnest Pass property management.

Because of your company you really helped make my move from Invermere B.C to the Crowsnest Pass an enjoyable and easy experience. Thank you for taking your time and finding the right fit for me. I couldn’t be more happy to have a place to call home.   

Heather, came to us from Invermere, BC

CNP-PM has great response, always promptly arranging for service if issues come up.  I'd definitely recommend for keeping a property maintained and well-kept.

Jason, came to us from Grand Prairie, AB

 My experience in finding a rental place in the Pass was made quick and easy by using Crowsnest Pass Property Management. I found all the staff very pleasant, professional and easy to deal with.

Eric, came to us from Fernie B.C 

Loreena was a great help in helping us find a rental home, that fit our family, when we first moved to the Crowsnest Pass She has since been a great resource as we look to purchase investment property. Thanks Loreena!

Joey, came to us from Montreal, Quebec

I have been renting from   Crowsnest Pass Property  Management for last 5 years. My experience has been great they meet all the safety requirements and if there is any issues they look into right away.

Suzanne, came to us from Canmore, AB

Crowsnest pass property management has been wonderful to deal with, right from the first contact. 

I moved my family here 2 years ago from the big city,  and was able to rent a beautiful property for us to grow in. The rental was done sight unseen,  and we couldn't have been happier the first time we saw it.  

Crowsnest pass property management has been nothing but professional,  and I am now in my third year of tenancy.  Through forest fires and storms, as well as regular maintenance and upkeep of the home, I have been extremely impressed... with both the management company,  as well as the contractors they provide. 

If anyone is even remotely considering a change in lifestyle and location,  come live your dream.  Crowsnest pass property management makes it easy. 

Thank you!!

Jean, came to us from Calgary, AB

​We are renting a beautiful house in Blairmore and we found it through the Crowsnest Property Management. They treated us like friends and they are very professional. The lady that we rented the house from her name is Kim , she treated us like family and with respect and very professional. I would recommended anyone to Crowsnest Property Management if the are looking for a place to rent!

​Cathy, CNP  AB

My experience with Crowsnest Pass Property Management has been absolutely wonderful.  Kim has been super helpful and an absolute pleasure to work with in getting us into a home.  We are very happy with where we are living as well as with Kim's response to anything we need and super friendly.  The time from when we first applied to actually moving in was extremely short, less than a week which was great as well as her knowledge of the area as we moved here from Westlock County. She was very  helpful in informing us of the important factors of the area as well as fun things to do as a family.  We are super pleased and would rate Crowsnest Pass Property  Management at a 10/10 and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a place to live.

Val came to us from Westlock County, AB

We are so happy living here and love the area .

The Property Management group are very friendly and approachable .

 Laurie and Glen, came to us from Calgary, AB

We contacted CNP Property Management to help us find a home as we were relocating to the Pass for work. They found us a property and we proceeded to go through the process. We rented the property sight unseen over the phone and emails. They were extremely efficient is making our move as easy as possible. I would highly recommend Loreena and her staff if you are looking for a home. They will make you feel welcome and comfortable in the rental process.
Jason came to us from Edmonton, AB

During my employment in the Crowsnest Pass, I contacted Crowsnest Pass Property Management after numerous attempts at ‘private’ renters. Some of these private renters actually initiated bidding wars for their properties, which was very disheartening to say the least.

Crowsnest Pass Property Management was not only extremely professional, but their ethics and standards were next to none. Their ads were honest, forthright and professional. Their properties were ALL the best we had looked at, and we ended up renting the quaintest property. Any issues/repairs, were dealt with quickly and professionally.


It was truly a pleasure dealing with Crowsnest Pass Property Management for our rental needs and would highly recommend them to anyone who values these qualities in a management company.

Debra came to us from  Edmonton, AB


When we need a job done, we need it done yesterday. It’s the nature of our beast. As the middle person I am answering to property owners and tenants at the same time. I need to have quotes, photos, invoices and of course the job done right away and done right the first time. I owe a big part of my companies’ success to the companies below for meeting the demands professionally and always with a smile.




















We have been working with Loreena and her staff at Crowsnest Pass Property Management for the last 10 years. Throughout this time we have been particularly impressed by their prompt response to addressing any plumbing issues that have come up. They are efficient, easily contactable and focused on their client’s interest. It has been a pleasure dealing with such a professional, reliable and customer service-based team.

Morency Plumbing and Heating




At DC Roofing we are proud to have your business. And, we are happy to share that we continue to book new jobs into the winter months in the Crowsnest Pass. Thankyou for your positive feedback and referrals, which have helped us grow our company and provide employment for many individuals in the Crowsnest Pass.

Thank you,

DC Roofing

Phone: 403.828.6753


We have been hired by Crowsnest Property Management since 2016 to complete both interior and exterior repairs to the properties they oversee.  We have had a great working relationship with them. They always take time and consideration in hiring professional and knowledgeable trades to take care of any structure and maintenance issues that arise with the properties.  Contractors are expected to supply reports, with pictures and fair market prices for work to be completed.  It has been a great experience working for Crowsnest Property Management and dealing with Loreena and the other staff.  As an extra bonus, any invoices submitted are always paid in a timely manner.

 Howard Brown Construction & Roofing Ltd.


We worked for Crowsnest Pass Property Management from 2018-2019 (until moving out of the area). It was a pleasure working for a company with such high standards! We were a handyman company, on call, and loved working for such a professional, efficient, and pleasant employer. Her priority was always her clients and we strived to make sure we lived up to her high standards.

We thank you for the opportunity to have worked for you and would gladly do it again if we were ever back in that beautiful part of the country.

 Daria Renovations


Now opperating  in Edmonton, AB

I am pleased to submit my experience in working with Loreena Russomanno and Crowsnest Pass Property Management.

I have provided snow removal services for Loreena and her clients since 2016.  During that time, I have found that Loreena’s attention to the property owners’ requirements has always been prompt and thorough, with consideration paid to preparedness and planning.

Loreena has consistently engaged with my staff and I in a professional and courteous manner, and has ensured that accounts are paid in full and in a timely fashion.

Crowsnest Pass Property Management provides a highly valued service in our community and I wish them every success as they continues to grow and prosper.

Todd Parkins


Mr. Plow

403 562 2743


  My name is Russell Zuehlke. I own and operate Revolution Carpet Care in the Crowsnest Pass. 

 For the past five years I have had the pleasure of working for Loreena Russomanno of Crowsnest Pass Property management. 

Loreena is hard working and clearly a woman of integrity. We greatly appreciate the service she provides for this community as well as being a loyal client to Revolution Carpet care. 

Sincerely Russell Zuehlke

Revolution Caret Care


“Crowsnest  Pass Property Management is an excellent company to work with! Loreena is always friendly, professional and responds to all requests in a timely matter. I strongly endorse Loreena and Crowsnest Pass Property Management!”

 Leslie Paradee 

 Business Account Manager

 RBC Royal Bank I Royal Bank of Canada 

Main Branch, 614 4 Ave S, Lethbridge, AB T1J 0N7

 T 403-382-3814 I C 403-332-3643 I F 403-382-3844


Dear Loreena Russomanno, On behalf of everyone at Healthy Teens Magazine, I would like to sincerely thank you for your on going generous support of the Healthy Teens Magazines. We provide these educational magazines to local participating schools free of charge. These magazines are used as a teaching tool to help educate our youth on the challenges they will face during some of the most difficult years of their lives; the teenage years. Through the support of Crowsnest Pass Property Management, we have been able to donate over 200 free copies of these magazines to the local schools on your behalf. You have assisted us in educating the children in the community on many topics including Substance Abuse and Mental Health, Drug & Alcohol Use, the effects of Social Media, and many other area's of life that our youth are challenged with every single day. I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for your many years of sponsorship contributions. To everyone at CrowsNest Pass Property Management we thank you for your generosity.

Warm Regards

Melanie Smith General Manager Healthy Teens Magazine Ltd.

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