Passquatch Merch has arrived! 

More to come.

You can find it at Connected Cuppas Tea Shoppe in Bellevue (Crowsnest Pass, AB)

2462 213 Street Bellevue

(Accross from Ice-cream store)

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The Raucous Sasquatch from the Rockies


Passquatch diligently selected 17 human businesses, suppliers and brilliant artisans from the Rocky Mountains to partner with and pull together his unique and quality merch line.

No humans were harmed in the process  

 And just like Passquatch his souvenirs were made with Mother Nature's Blessing. 

Only the finest, purest ingredients were used.


with the purchace of 2 or more Passquatch products

Artisan Soaps

Critiqued, tested and approved by

Passquatch himself

 All Natural and loaded with essential oils from the Rocky Mountain forest

Passquatch vigilantly chose the hands of local humans to assist in this development:
-Gatherers plucked fresh foliage from Passquatch's surreptitious spots in the Rocky Mountain wilderness.
-Enchantresses blended the fixings, sprinkled with fine intentions, sunshine, forest air, and lots of essential oils.

Pure Essential Oil Blend.

 Passquatch Essential Forest 30 ml

No need to yearn the scent of the forest after you leave. Passquatch had the purest essential oils from the forest blended and bottled by a small, family run business of certified aromatherapists just for you.

Pine, fir balsam, juniper, lemongrass, spruce, rose geranium 

Soy Candles

Passquatch Essential Flame  T Light

A local artisan new to the enrapture world created this fresh forest scent using only the finest ingredients of pure essential oils and  clean burning soy wax. Each candle is hand poured  with  a dash of TLC added  just for Passquatch.  

T lights.jpg

Full size Passquatch candles coming soon created by the same exceptional artist.